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If your Hinckley property’s exterior walls are looking worn or dated, rendering is an affordable way to refresh your home’s or business’s kerb appeal. Applied correctly by skilled tradespeople, rendered walls provide aesthetically-pleasing, low maintenance, weatherproof exterior protection for decades. 

As leading Hinckley renderers working locally for over 10 years, Advanced Wall Protection has rendered countlessproperties across the area, always to the highest standards. We offer professional installation of all types of renders for residential, commercial and industrial sites. Our experienced teams fully prepare each job for excellent adhesion and minimal cracks by fixing persistent issues first. For rendering that enhances and protects your Hinckley property inside and out, choose Advanced Wall Protection.

Why Choose Rendering for Hinckley Properties?

Modern rendering techniques and materials offer homeowners, landlords and business owners an array of finishes, textures and colours to complement any building’s architecture and surroundings. The right render can enhance curb appeal as well as add a layer of weatherproofing. Our rendering services provide:

– Cost-effective whole-house transformation: New rendering can dramatically update exterior aesthetics without the investment of full-scale renovation.

– Crack covering: Rendering covers cracks and signs of aging, restoring a uniform appearance.

– Weather protection: Insulating render adds a protective barrier keeping walls dry even in Hinckley’s wet weather.

– Low maintenance: Unlike paint that scrapes and fades, quality rendering can last 30 years or longer without work.

– Design flexibility: From fine acrylic to textured polymer finishes, we offer renders to achieve traditional brick, stone or contemporary stucco looks. 

– Colour customisation: To complement landscapes or brand images, we incorporate pigments for bespoke coloured rendering.

For affordable, long-lasting wall solutions, rendering refreshes Hinckley architecture.


What types of wall rendering services are available in Hinckley?


Cement render:

which provides the most cost-suitable option. However, cement rendering is not suitable for solid walls in older buildings.

increasingly popular Lime render.

This is most commonly used on homes built using timer framing, ideal for older homes.

Silicone renders:

is among the most low-maintenance wall renderings in Hinckley that you can receive. It is resistant to cracks and is water-repellent.

Monocouche (through-coloured) render:

Colored cement-based render is a low-maintenance option that eliminates the need for painting. It can be applied to a variety of surfaces including brick, stone, and masonry construction with a polymer base. This render has the flexibility of traditional lime render and offers the benefit of an embedded colour.

Acrylic render:

is great for adding another layer of water resistance and protection to your home, which is also among the most flexible forms of wall rendering in Hinckley.

Rendering All Building Types Across Hinckley


Over the past decade, we have rendered an extensive range of buildings across Hinckley and surrounding villages. Our experience spans:

– Period cottages and townhouses showcasing rendered detailing

– Farmhouses and rural homes requiring practical weather protection 

– Commercial storefronts and hospitality businesses where kerb appeal is key

– Industrial warehouses, distribution centres and manufacturing plants needing durable finishes

– Care homes, medical centres and community facilities benefiting from low maintenance exteriors


Regardless of architectural style, age or intended purpose, our expert rendering services rejuvenate Hinckley’s buildings to look their very best while standing the test of time. For a quality finish and exceptional service, homeowners and business owners choose Advanced Wall Protection time and again.

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