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Experience the Difference with Advanced Wall Protection's Wall Rendering in Market Harborough

When upgrading your Market Harborough home, the exterior often gets overlooked while the interior takes priority. However, refreshing your property’s exterior is equally important for aesthetic appeal and resale value. If your existing brickwork or roughcast walls seem tired and dated, **external wall rendering in Market Harborough** deserves your consideration.


Rendering provides a contemporary, artistic finish far superior to traditional wall coverings in curb appeal and longevity. As homeowners move on from customary roughcast and brick facades, rendering emerges as the elite exterior wall solution for modern homes and sensibilities in Market Harborough.

Why Choose Wall Rendering for Your Market Harborough Home?

Rendering’s foremost benefit is premium durability exceeding all rival wall solutions. It withstands British weather and seasonal extremes better than any substitute, retaining its pristine visual integrity for decades. Harsh winds, pounding rain and temperature swings leave no mark on quality rendering. 


Rendering also supplies your home with a sleek, refined look announcing sophistication and modernity to all who pass by. Its smooth uniformity and understated elegance effect an immediate curb appeal upgrade over brickwork or other outdated wall treatments. Rendering lends properties a light, contemporary personality highly sought after by discerning homebuyers in Market Harborough. 


Moreover, rendering facilitates tremendous temperature regulation indoors. Through insulation and heat retention, rendered walls reduce expensive heating and cooling requirements year-round. External rendering solutions from Advanced Wall Protection help Market Harborough homeowners save substantially on energy outlays while enjoying consistent indoor comfort.

Market Harborough’s Premier Wall Rendering Options


Cement render:

Cost-effective, best suited for newer masonry constructions

increasingly popular Lime render.

Ideal for older homes, provides flexibility and breathability

Silicone renders:

Seamless water resistance and ultra-low maintenance

Monocouche (through-coloured) render:

Through-colour rendering requiring no painting post-application

Acrylic render:

Delivers outstanding weatherproofing with adaptable flexibility

Count on Market Harborough’s Wall Rendering Leader

Beyond superior rendering products, Advanced Wall Protection provides an exemplary end-to-end experience from inspection and quotation through to installation and beyond. Our rendering systems require no re-painting while preventing moisture ingress and heat transfer year after year. Wall rendering applied by our certified technicians refreshes home exteriors with contemporary kerb appeal that lasts.


Contact Advanced Wall Protection today to discuss transforming your Market Harborough property through industry-leading wall rendering solutions, supported by expertise we stand behind. From environmentally friendly render options to amazing new aesthetics, breathe new life into your home’s exterior with the rendering innovators.

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Here are several reasons to consider us for your exterior rendering and wall coating project:

We’ll thoroughly evaluate your needs before proceeding, ensuring that a wall rendering is the best solution for you. Our experienced team can provide all the guidance you need.

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