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Protect your roof from the damaging effects of British weather with our roof coating and restoration service. Rain, snow, heat, and frost can break down your roofing surface and make it susceptible to the growth of algae, lichens, and moss. These fungi not only detract from the appearance of your home but also block gutters and increase the weight on your roof structure. To prevent this, we clean your roof and apply a fungal deterrent followed by two coats of protective paint. Our roof coating is waterproof and breathable, reflective, flexible, and thermal, ensuring your roof remains sealed and protected against aggressive fungi.

Advanced Wall Protection offers roof refurbishment services to residential customers across Leicester, Birmingham, Leicestershire and Midlands. Contact us to learn more about our services by emailing, or sending us a message.


Benefits of Roof Coating and Restoration

Our roof coatings and restoration service offers numerous benefits, including:

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Our Process

Our process involves the following six steps:


Thorough cleaning of the roof to remove moss, lichen, and dirt.


2. A pre-application inspection of the roof.


Repairing broken tiles, re-bedding and re-pointing ridges, and capping if needed to ensure a structurally sound roof.


Spraying a fungicide solution to prevent future growth.


Applying two protective, waterproof topcoats to give your roof a like-new or better appearance.


Coloring the roof to your desired shade for a sparkling, long-lasting finish.

Contact our expert team for information on our roof refurbishment service. Whether you have inquiries or would like to request a quote, we’re available to assist you. You can reach us by email at or by sending us a message.

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Here are several reasons to consider us for your exterior rendering and wall coating project:

We’ll thoroughly evaluate your needs before proceeding, ensuring that a wall coating/rendering is the best solution for you. Our experienced team can provide all the guidance you need.”

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