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If your home is crying out for external renovation due to wear and tear, damp issues or to simply modernise its look, rendering could provide the perfect solution. As leading property rendering specialists in Loughborough, Advanced Wall Protection offers a complete exterior wall rendering service to transform the appearance of local homes.

Protecting properties through high performance render while enhancing aesthetics is our speciality. We utilise weatherproof systems such as silicone, acrylic and monocouche renders in a choice of attractive finishes. Upgrade your home’s kerb appeal while protecting it from the elements by rendering your external walls.

Benefits of Rendering for Loughborough Homeowners


From semi-detached houses to unique period properties, external wall rendering provides practical and aesthetic benefits. Homeowners in Loughborough choose rendering services from Advanced Wall Protection for:

✓ Weather Protection – Render seals exterior walls from wind, rain and harsh weather that slowly damages brickwork.

✓ Improved Thermal Efficiency – Insulating render systems help regulate interior temperatures and reduce energy bills.

✓ Low Maintenance – Once cured, coloured renders form a resilient barrier that requires very little upkeep.

✓ Added Property Value – A refreshed contemporary render finish makes an excellent ‘kerb appeal’ first impression. 

✓ Design Flexibility – Tailor your home’s character through different textures, patterns and colours. 

Let our rendering services breathe new life into your Loughborough property this year!

What types of wall rendering options are available in Loughborough?


Cement render:

which provides the most cost-suitable option. However, cement rendering is not suitable for solid walls in older buildings.

increasingly popular Lime render.

This is most commonly used on homes built using timer framing, ideal for older homes.

Silicone renders:

is among the most low-maintenance wall renderings in Loughborough that you can receive. It is resistant to cracks and is water-repellent.

Monocouche (through-coloured) render:

Colored cement-based render is a low-maintenance option that eliminates the need for painting. It can be applied to a variety of surfaces including brick, stone, and masonry construction with a polymer base. This render has the flexibility of traditional lime render and offers the benefit of an embedded colour.

Acrylic render:

is great for adding another layer of water resistance and protection to your home, which is also among the most flexible forms of wall rendering in Loughborough.

Affordable Renderers in Loughborough

Rendering your exterior walls may seem a major undertaking, but our streamlined services ensure it’s conducted efficiently and cost-effectively. Rendering prices are calculated based on:

➢ House/wall size and accessibility

➢ Choice of render texture, pattern and colour

➢ Additional decorative touches

➢ Preparations needed

While extremely transformative, external rendering through Advanced Wall Protection is very competitively priced. Contact us now for more details and a zero-obligation quote outlining precisely how much it would cost to render your Loughborough home’s exterior.

Transform your home through Advanced Wall Protection – call us on 07541268541 for friendly advice and flexible rendering services from our specialists.

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Here are several reasons to consider us for your exterior rendering and wall coating project:

We’ll thoroughly evaluate your needs before proceeding, ensuring that a wall rendering is the best solution for you. Our experienced team can provide all the guidance you need.

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