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After years of exposure to the elements, the exterior walls of your Melton Mowbray home or business can start looking worn down, discolored and unsightly. Cracks, dampness, crumbling plaster and more can develop, detracting from your property’s curb appeal and value. But revitalizing your walls is possible with professional rendering and protective treatments from the experts at Advanced Wall Protection.

With over a decade enhancing properties across the UK, we have the experience to fully evaluate your exterior walls and specify solutions that keep your Melton Mowbray building looking beautiful for decades to come.

Why Choose Advanced Wall Protection for Rendering in Melton Mowbray?

When it comes to protecting your most valuable asset – your property – you want the assurance that comes from choosing an established industry leader. Advanced Wall Protection offers that peace of mind along with numerous other benefits:

– Decades of Experience – With over 10 years of experience transforming thousands of UK properties, our master craftsmen have the expertise to handle any wall challenge.

– Local Knowledge – We understand how Melton Mowbray’s specific climate impacts exterior walls and can recommend solutions to match. 

– Extensive Training – Our rendering specialists are fully trained, certified and vetted for quality and safety.

– One-Stop Shop – With our complete range of services, we can provide a package solution tailored to your needs.

– Efficiency – Our crews work quickly and tidy up thoroughly to keep disruption minimal.

– Insurance Protection – As a legitimate business, we carry full liability insurance for your protection.

– Guaranteed Satisfaction – We stand behind our workmanship 100% and won’t stop until you’re happy.

The Complete Menu of Wall Services Available in Melton Mowbray


Cement render:

which provides the most cost-suitable option. However, cement rendering is not suitable for solid walls in older buildings.

increasingly popular Lime render.

This is most commonly used on homes built using timer framing, ideal for older homes.

Silicone renders:

is among the most low-maintenance wall renderings in Melton Mowbray that you can receive. It is resistant to cracks and is water-repellent.

Monocouche (through-coloured) render:

Colored cement-based render is a low-maintenance option that eliminates the need for painting. It can be applied to a variety of surfaces including brick, stone, and masonry construction with a polymer base. This render has the flexibility of traditional lime render and offers the benefit of an embedded colour.

Acrylic render:

is great for adding another layer of water resistance and protection to your home, which is also among the most flexible forms of wall rendering in Melton Mowbray.

Let Us Help Restore the Former Glory of Your Property

If your home or commercial building’s exterior walls are in need of protective rendering, coating, cleaning or other restoration, contact Advanced Wall Protection today. We provide free quotes for any size project and will work within your timeline and budget. Call now to schedule an inspection so we can assess your walls’ needs and discuss solutions!

Our reliable and knowledgeable team is here to assist you when you need it.
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Here are several reasons to consider us for your exterior rendering and wall coating project:

We’ll thoroughly evaluate your needs before proceeding, ensuring that a wall rendering is the best solution for you. Our experienced team can provide all the guidance you need.

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