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Rendering is typically used to cover the exterior of a building, and it involves the use of render. This process is similar to plastering, but it is specifically for the outer surfaces of a structure. External rendering is the application of a smooth finish to the exterior of a concrete block building. It uses a bonding agent and mortar mixture of cement, lime, and sand. This can be coated with paint or come in self-coloured options, providing a wide range of aesthetic choices. The main benefits of external rendering are to enhance the appearance of the property and prevent moisture penetration.

For skilled spray rendering services from experienced professionals, talk to Advanced Wall Protection. We are a reputable company based in Leicester working with in close partnership with a network of exterior wall professionals offering quality spray rendering services for domestic and commercial clients throughout Leicester, Leicestershire, Birmingham and Midlands. Advanced Wall Protection in Leicester offers a free, no-pressure survey and the chance to familiarise yourself with different types of renders, their benefits, and costs. Popular types include scratch, acrylic, and K-rend.




Cement render:

Cement-based render can be a cost-effective option for smooth finishes, but it is not suitable for solid walls in older buildings. It is prone to cracking and requires regular maintenance to prevent water infiltration. Additionally, it will need to be repainted every few years, warns Sam Piplica, Building Standards Specialist. He also adds that, even when applied correctly, solid walls may experience water infiltration if the render is not properly maintained.

Lime render:

Lime render is a more expensive option compared to cement render and is commonly used on traditional timber-framed homes. It is typically applied to older properties that are prone to dampness or in need of improved airflow.

Silicone renders:

Silicone renders are known for their low maintenance, long-lasting durability, and crack resistance. They are lightweight, breathable, and effective at repelling water, and come in a variety of colors. Additionally, they can be combined with exterior insulation

Monocouche (through-coloured) render:

Colored cement-based render is a low-maintenance option that eliminates the need for painting. It can be applied to a variety of surfaces including brick, stone, and masonry construction with a polymer base. This render has the flexibility of traditional lime render and offers the benefit of an embedded colour.

Acrylic render:

Acrylic resin is added to this type of render to enhance its water resistance and flexibility. These renders come in a variety of colors, but are not as breathable as other options.

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