11 December 2023

Keeping the Cold Out: How External Wall Rendering Can Help Reduce Energy Bills This Winter

External wall rendering

As the temperatures drop and winter sets in, many homeowners in the UK find their energy bills rising as they try to keep their homes warm and comfortable. Heating bills in particular can be eye-wateringly high, especially with the current energy crisis. However, there are steps you can take to improve your home’s energy efficiency and reduce those costly heating bills. One such step is applying external wall rendering.

Here at Advanced Wall Protection, we specialise in external rendering for homes across Leicester, Leicestershire and Birmingham. Rendering essentially means applying a protective coat over your exterior brickwork with a cement-based material. This forms an extra barrier between your home and the external elements. Done correctly by a professional renderer, it offers a wealth of benefits – not least helping your home better retain heat.

Improved Insulation & Reduced Heat Loss

One of the biggest perks of external wall rendering is significantly improving your home’s insulation. Unrendered brickwork can allow considerable heat loss as warmth escapes through the cracks and pores in the bricks themselves. Rendering fills in those gaps, creating a smooth, less porous surface that heat cannot penetrate so easily. This drastically reduces heat loss through your external walls, meaning you won’t need to burn as much energy to keep your rooms warm.

Research by the National Energy Foundation found that solid wall homes with external wall insulation use on average around 20-42% less fuel than equivalent uninsulated homes. That translates to some pretty major potential savings on your heating over the colder months if you install rendering.

Protection from Winter Weather

As well as insulation benefits, having rendering on your external walls shields the brickwork from the full brunt of UK winter weather. From bitter winds to driving rain and even frost damage, unrelenting cold weather can gradually degrade and damage exterior masonry over time. The benefit of rendering is that it acts as a protective barrier against these elements. Rainwater will run off the smooth rendering without soaking into the brickwork, while harsh winds have less exposed surface area to attack. This preserves your walls in better condition for longer.

Reduced Condensation & Mould Growth

Another common issue for homes in the cooler months is internal condensation. This occurs when water vapour from inside the property hits cold external walls and condenses. Over time, it can lead to ugly and potentially hazardous mould taking hold in your rooms. Rendering helps here too by regulating the temperature of those external walls. This in turn reduces surface condensation, cutting down the chances of troublesome mould developing. Well-rendered solid wall homes see less issues with damp and mould during winter – making for a healthier indoor environment.

Added Curb Appeal

As well as thermal performance and weatherproofing benefits, rendered walls also simply look more attractive than bare brickwork. Using rendering opens up lots of possibilities to not only protect but visually enhance the exterior of your home. Whether opting for a textured finish, incorporating colour, installing decorative features over the top, or simply giving a fresh clean look – a rendered facade can considerably boost your home’s kerb appeal. For those looking to improve both insulation and aesthetics of their external walls, rendering ticks both boxes.

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Installing high quality external wall rendering requires specialist skills and experience for the best results. Here at Advanced Wall Protection, our dedicated team have many years’ experience helping homeowners across Leicester, Leicestershire and Birmingham protect their properties from the elements through rendering. 

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